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A Brief History

Yeomans was established back in 1972 by Mr George Yeomans, renting space in an old scythe-making mill in the village of Drayton, near Belbroughton. In 1991 the business was taken on by the present proprietors, who found they had out-grown the mill site and moved to the present address in 2007.

Retail Philosophy

Yeomans have always been proud to deal in original parts, very rarely stocking pattern products, and over the years have amassed over 150 tonnes of mainly British spares, to which we are always adding. These have been purchased as job lots or sourced from breaking motorcycles and salvaging any worthwhile parts.

As an ongoing operation we are always in the market for all types of original British motorcycle industry products.

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Web Site Aims

The initial aim of this site is to enable viewers to see photographs of the complete motorcycles that are available, be they restored, rideable or restoration projects. Having had regular adverts in the monthly magazines for many years this is the logical way to progress. We will endevour to keep the listings up to date and over time will list more spare parts .

A useful side-effect from putting the site up is the ease with which you can now get in touch with us through e-mail. We are facing this development with a little trepidation knowing how much time it could take to send out replies. We would therefore ask you to bear with us and allow a reasonable amount of time for us to reply to your requests for information and not to be offended by a brief answer.

We will use this About Us page to keep you updated as to how we are coping with this new branch of the business and to give you an idea of future developments.

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